Love was my shoreline, I stare myself blind. Now was not our time no, I let you down.

#sanfrancisco life is good.  (at Gay Beach At Dolores Park)

#sanfrancisco life is good. (at Gay Beach At Dolores Park)

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Out here!  (at AT&T Park)

Out here! (at AT&T Park)

Team Tim

Team Tim


super sweet setup

One million lovers, to choose from but none like her.

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Excited to go home in a few weeks for this rager #slapshot #bhc #rivalmob #dropdead #hardcoreforhardcore


Excited to go home in a few weeks for this rager #slapshot #bhc #rivalmob #dropdead #hardcoreforhardcore

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I wonder if you think about me as much as I think about you.

I wonder how many different lives I might have lived if I just opened my mouth and realized no is never as bad as a lifetime of what if?

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She is my favorite writer, for obvious reasons.

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Saturday night at home with takeout and romper stomper.

I retract my previous statement. Went out last night, to get back on the horse. Hated it. Everyone is lame and I hate them. Drank and hated it.

Looks like I’m spending a lot of time alone. Off to haight street to get lots of CDs to play loud in my apartment and scream and cry to.

I broke your heart but broke my own at the same time.
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Long weekend wishing I was spending it with you.


I’ll take the biggest booty!

I’ll take the biggest booty!

Ive been real bummed recently… Pouring myself into working a bunch to avoid thinking about you and what youre up to. I think I need to be a little less hard on myself and keep a few things in mind.

I’m young, attractive adventurous and successful.

I dont want to be anyones “girl”. I was your girl. In my heart, I’m still your girl… even though I wasnt very good at it. Actually, fuck it, I was good at it. We had a lot of fun. Wresling, cooking, not cooking and getting take out, back rubs, going out, sex… sex…. se…. whatever. I just drank too much and got lost.

You’re out there hanging out with other people and hollering at other girls to make yourself feel better. I’ve got to remember why I’m in this situation to begin with. Acting like a hoe, yeah.. I got it. But I didnt act like a hoe alone. Just like girls come out of the woodwork for you, that obviousy happens for me too. Otherwise I wouldnt have acted like a hussie.

Time to put my big girl pants on, go out there and let someone make me feel better about myself also. Im going to hop back on that horse just like you.

"On with the program. Woo woo woo, blazzay blazzay"

So much hate towards ex boyfriends just ruining life for you.

So much hate toward myself for letting it happen for two years.

So much hate for not being smart enough or mature enough to know better.

I miss your big head.